Port Olni

City Guideline

Port Olni Rules and Laws

The City of Port Olni

General Rules


Assassins are banned from the City of Port Olni until further notice

  • Everyone will role play an entrance into the Home and state their intentions whether peaceful or hostile and any weapons they may be carrying. Role play an entrance keeping it realistic. slaves will beg entry. Once entry is approved the slave will then approach the Free allowing entry, kneel before the Free and give a proper greeting. If you do not rp your entrance into the Home you will be ignored, if after 2 minutes you have not rp'd your entrance into the Home you will be booted. (Falling out of a wormhole or simply entering and saying "Tal" is not role play) Weapons will not be allowed by guests in the Hospital or Walled Gardens and will be checked at the armory.
  • Those wishing to petition for Citizenship must have knowledge of the books! You shall do so in person, to the Administrator. Should Your petition be granted, You will wear probationary tags for 2 hands before You take the Oath of Citizenship. Once the Oath has been sworn, You shall enjoy full rights and priviledges accorded to all Citizens.
  • slaves: beware your "thoughts", they will betray you! If you don't want it acted on, then don't "think" it.
  • Respect will be shown at all times by everyone in the Home. Past lives are not a topic of discussion, immediate ban will occur if you magically seem to know everyone in the room. Rude behavior may be met with steel, if warranted, whether by sword or by collar. slaves speak in first person in all areas of the City. The Administrator is the sole sanctioning authority for all things occuring in CPO. His word is law.
  • Valid reasons for Force collaring are as follows; A - Overt sexual behavior, whether in speech or in actions. B - Abusive, disrespectful behavior to anyone Free or slave; if they piss you off whip em, cage em or kill them, don't tear em down emotionally or you may join em.
  • If Your City detains or captures a member of CPO, a detailed and time stamped scroll of the event will be sent to the Administrator within 24 hours of the action. If not, then the event will be considered void. 24 hours and one minute is too late. Should something similar happen in CPO involving a member of Your Home, then the same will be provided to Your Home within the mentioned 24 hour time frame.
  • The same abusive, disrespectful behavior shown by a FM will be met with steel. If you are unable to wield a sword you may choose a champion or be denied bread, salt and fire and banned from the City.
  • 7/7/7 's are not recognized in Port Olni. Warriors killing unarmed Free will be considered Outlaws and Murderers and will be treated as such. Punishment for an Outlaw found guilty of murder will be public impalement. See Rules for All Aggressive Actions
  • Mirrored zones apply when there is an attack on an S-zoned or No Zoned Room and the attacker then retreats to a Safe Zoned (NZone) room. This Goes both ways, the rules of the home attacked then apply in the Safe Zone (NZone). (The only time 777 will be recognized in our home is if some fool from our home attacks anothers home and then retreats to say the gardens for example, and if they don't kill you, someone certainly will! Only a coward retreats to a safe zone after attacking someones HOME.)
  • The commonly accepted rules of roleplay are in effect at all times:
Time Away: Time away from Gorean Roleplay in all facets in the event of death/retirement of a Character will be fourteen days(earth days) away. Since this is fourteen days away and not just fourteen days, return can only be done on the fifteenth day at the earliest after death/retirement.

"Shelving": The act of shelving is defined as bringing back an already dead/retired character. Once a character is retired it may not be ressurected again, it is for all intents and purposes gone.

Returning: The conditions for returning from time away for death or retirements are as follows. One must choose a new name, new Caste, and new Home. They may not Lead a home, return to their old Home, Station, Free Companion, slaves, nor train for the Caste they had in the previous Character life for at least a period of three months(earth time).

Duallers: Duallers will be exposed with the proper proof between the Homes upholding these rules as their own as well as in the remaining press(es), as well as banned from said Homes.

Zones: Sanctioned Zones, due to their origins have little purpose in Gor anymore. They began when a rash of non Gorean roleplayers began entering Gorean Rooms just to start trouble. Because this is a rare occurance anymore Sanctioned Zones are hereby abolished within the Homes that choose to uphold these rules as their own. Instead No Zones and Safe Zones will be implimented in the appropriate areas of said Homes for the reason that there were no safe zones on Gor however for slave gardens there were a degree of heightened security and thus the safe zones are appropriate. When Men of the Home are present a Home should be No Zones.